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What is SCR888?

Without a doubt, SCR888 is one of the top mobile slot games in Malaysia. It should be mentioned that, SCR888 is 918Kiss, 918Kiss is SCR888. Both have the same slot game and the same operating back-end, the only difference is the game logo. It means the winning rate of SCR888 is as high as 918Kiss.

With SCR888's high win rate, it manages to attract many repeat players, which makes a great contribution to the jackpot pool. If the jackpot is your goal, play, don't not play.

Apart from the above aspects, the mobile phone hardware requirements for SCR888 games are very low compared to other games. If you have an old mobile phone or poor internet, this game will definitely satisfy you.

SCR888 Lobby Screenshot
SCR888 Casino Lobby

Is it safe to play SCR888 here?

It must be safe to play in our company. Except WhatsApp number, we do not collect any information from players. For players who don't want to give their WhatsApp number, they can use Telegram to contact our CS.

The best advantage of online games is that you can play anywhere. As long as you play SCR888 in your home, your gaming session will not be interrupted under any circumstances.

What platforms does SCR888 support?

You can play SCR888 games on Android and iPhone.

How to install SCR888 APK for Android?

  1. Download SCR888 APK provided by our website
  2. Click install after finished downloading SCR888 APK
  3. The prompt "Install unknown app" will be shown
  4. Make sure to activate "Allow from this source"
  5. Press the back button followed by the install button to complete the SCR888 APK installation
  6. SCR888 for Android is ready to play now

How to install SCR888 for iPhone?

  1. Press the iOS button at the top of the website to start installing the SCR888
  2. The prompt "xxx wants to install SCR888" will be displayed
  3. Press "Install"
  4. Return to the iPhone home screen and wait for the download process
  5. After downloading, do not open SCR888 first
  6. Enter "Settings β†’ General β†’ Device Management (under VPN) β†’ China Unicom Sys. Integration"
  7. Press "China Unicom Sys. Integration" followed by "Believe"
  8. Go back to iPhone home screen and SCR888 is ready to play now

How to start SCR888 game?

  1. Download and install the original SCR888 application provided by our website
  2. Contact our customer service for SCR888 game id registration
  3. Complete the deposit process with our customer service
  4. You can start playing SCR888 immediately with the id found in step 2

How to get my SCR888 winnings?

  1. Contact our customer service regarding the cash payment process
  2. The winning amount will be credited to your bank account after identity verification

Cash payment guarantee?

Sure, hit the Facebook button (f) below to find out more.