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What is NTC33?

NTC33 is one of the mobile live and slot games that is quite popular in Malaysia with its high winning rate.

What platforms does NTC33 support?

You can play NTC33 games on Android, iPhone and Windows.

How to start NTC33 game?

  • Android/Windows: download and install the original NTC33 application provided by our website
  • iPhone: click the "Open Web" url on our website
  1. Contact our customer service for NTC33 game id registration
  2. Complete the deposit process with our customer service
  3. You can start playing NTC33 immediately with the id found in step 2

How to get my NTC33 winnings?

  1. Contact our customer service regarding the cash payment process
  2. The winning amount will be credited to your bank account after identity verification

Cash payment guarantee?

Sure, hit the Facebook button (f) below to find out more.